We know that as soon as you purchase, you will want us to make haste in delivering and installing your family’s outdoor playset.  However, before the play can begin, we have to make sure that everything is in place and every nut and bolt is secure.  Because we are also a Landscaping company, we are skilled in prepping your land to prepare for the installation of your playground equipment.  There is no extra charge for us to deliver and prepare the ground to make sure that each set is stabilized and installed to the best of its ability to resist weather damage.  Please consider the variables below and bring multiple photos of your backyard, so that we can help you design your backyard fun place with the space you have.  Once we’ve chosen the area for your outdoor playset to be installed, we will take care of the rest!

Delivery and ground preparations required will vary on every play set and every location based on whether you have a wet area that continually collects rain, a sloping back yard or need mulch, rubber chips, or landscape timbers added for support.  Although a flat area is ideal if possible, you may want to keep in mind that a sloping back yard would be better for one of our “Castle structures”, rather than our “Clubhouse sets”.  Wet yards may need paver blocks secured underneath the playset to stabilize and prevent it from sinking.

These are some tips to consider your children’s play space:

1- If you’ve purchased a swing set, keep in mind that kids will be kids and what kid doesn’t want to jump off and tumble from the swing, or may need a little extra room when landing after sliding down the slide?  We may need longer ladders to accommodate your slopes and hills.

2- Please keep a sharp eye out for any low hanging electrical wires or landscaping that may need to be relocated.

3- Think about your viewing access from the house to ensure your children’s safety.  You can also consider the view that you would like to have or cover up with your new backyard fun.

Whatever you need, you can rest assure that we can customize a playground set to meet whatever you need and adhere to any regulations that you may have.


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