Planning your outdoor playground set can be an overwhelming endeavor, but we are here to help you through every step from understanding your budget to making sure you get it just the way you like it.  With our outdoor curriculum-based learning opportunities, standards-based activities that maximize physical your child’s physical fitness, or nature-based playgrounds that increase your child’s awareness of nature, the environment and the world surrounding them, we want you and your family to experience it all.  All of our products are safe, certified by IPEMA and in compliance with ASTM standards.  We also strive to meet CPSC and CSA standards for product design and safety.  Playnation is certified as ISO 9001 (for manufacturing standards of quality, production and installation) and ISO 14001 for environmental management, measurement and evaluation.  We also provide a lifetime warranty on all Play & Park structures like: posts, clamps, caps and hardware.  Most of our other components carry a 15-year limited warranty.

There are many options to help you achieve a new play space for your school, church or community.  Play & Park Structures is part of several buying cooperatives (TCPN and GSA for example).  They are national purchasing cooperatives that leverage large pools of purchasing potential, allowing you to buy without going through the bid process.  Play & Park Structures also offers our customers the ability to purchase through our leasing program, powered by Marlin Leasing.

Altogether, we have 30 pre-configured sets to choose from, but you can mix-n-match with accessories to create your very own according to your likes and your budget.  These accessories include a multiple roof, and you can choose from multiple accessory color combinations.  You can even choose from our Redwood or Amber stained cedar wood or if you prefer maintenance-free, you might want our Timber Shield Framing.

Please keep in mind that ordering from our catalog is the quickest way to get your system delivered, but we also offer custom designs created just the way you prefer.  Allow more time for us to design, assemble and render our products according to your specifications.  However, after your order is placed, your standard equipment should arrive within 3-4 weeks.